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Russian coast guard denies shooting at Japanese fishing boat near Kuril Islands

SOURCE : Ria Novosti (16-02-11)
The Russian Coast Guard denied Japanese media reports on Wednesday that it had opened fire on a Japanese fishing vessel off the disputed South Kuril islands.
Kyodo news agency reported on Tuesday that Russian coast guards opened …

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Noble Energy to speed drilling for gas off Cyprus

SOURCE : Reuters (16-02-11)
NICOSIA, Feb 16 (Reuters) – U.S. energy company Noble Energy Inc (NBL.N: Quote) will expedite plans to drill for natural gas off Cyprus, where it believes there is a sizeable quantity, an executive said on Wednesday.
Noble has …

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Ukraine denies rumors of concessions on sea borders with Russia

SOURCE : Ria Novosti (15-02-11)
The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry denied on Tuesday rumors that Ukraine was ready to make concessions to Russia on maritime border delimitation.
The Ukrainian-Russian border in the Kerch Strait, which links the Sea of Azov to the Black …

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Kuril. Can we achieve stability without going to war?

SOURCE : Ria Novosti (15-02-11)
The newly reopened issue of the Russian-Japanese territorial dispute over the Kuril Islands stems primarily from the two countries’ current domestic problems; but if we look at it through the prism of global processes triggered two …

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Brazil ratifies no-support policy for UK military or government vessels linked to Malvinas

SOURCE : Mercopress (15-02-11)
Defence minister Arturo Puricelli said Monday that Argentina “has no conflict hypothesis with countries from the region” and thanked the “strong support” from his visiting Brazilian peer Nelson Jobim regarding Argentine sovereignty over the Falklands/Malvinas Islands.
“We have …

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Several thousand Japanese seek moving to disputed Kuril Islands

SOURCE : Ria Novosti (12-02-11)
Some 7,500 Japanese nationals want to move to the Kuril Islands, disputed between Japan and Russia, Japan’s Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara has said.
« Speaking about the four northern islands, historically Russians have never lived there, they were …

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More oil and ore along Northern Sea Route

SOURCE : The Barents Observer (11-02-11)
At least 150,000 tons of oil, 400,000 tons of gas condensate and 600,000 tons of iron ore are planned shipped along the Northern Sea Route in 2011.
The several successful shipping operations in 2010 are now …

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Renforcer les îles Kouriles, c’est garantir la paix

SOURCE : Ria Novosti (11-02-11)
La nouvelle dégradation des relations entre la Russie et le Japon sur le problème des îles Kouriles pourrait se poursuivre. Les autorités russes se sont sérieusement penchées sur l’élaboration d’un programme comprenant plusieurs axes de développement …

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Russia Raps Japan Over Island Dispute

SOURCE : Reuters (11-02-11)
MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia and Japan crossed swords publicly Friday over Moscow’s invitation for China and South Korea to invest in an island chain at the center of a dispute that has poisoned ties for half a …

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Minerals behind Tonga, Fiji border spat?

SOURCE : Stuff (Nouvelle-Zélande) (10-02-11)
Telstra reports huge profit drop Rupert Murdoch ‘to buy’ daughter’s company Minerals behind Tonga, Fiji border spat? Bank demands Madoff jury trial UK bank deal sealed but critics see loopholes Greece rocked by strikes and protests …

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Kouriles: un litige susceptible de revêtir une dimension plus large

SOURCE : Ria Novosti (10-02-11)
cLe litige territorial concernant les îles Kouriles dure depuis le milieu du XXe siècle, et il s’est transformé de maladie aiguë en pathologie chronique. Si bien que la vague d’émotions constatée au cours des derniers mois …

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Japan Watches Russian Military Near Disputed Isles

SOURCE : Reuters (10-02-11)
TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan is closely monitoring stepped-up activity by Russia’s military near disputed islands, Japan’s chief spokesman said Thursday after Moscow said it would deploy new weapons to the area.
Relations between Japan and Russia have been …

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Russia against militarized Arctic

SOURCE : Ria Novosti (08-02-11)
Russia is opposed to the militarization of the Arctic, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov was quoted as saying on Tuesday.
Serdyukov spoke after a meeting with his Danish counterpart, Gitte Lillelund Bech, in Moscow.
« The sides shared their views …

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Ukraine And Russia Agree To Intensify Negotiations On Delimitation Of Maritime Border

SOURCE : Ukrainian News (06-02-11)
Ukraine and Russia have agreed to intensify their negotiations on delimitation of the maritime border between the two countries with the aim of drafting a mutually acceptable version of demarcation.
The press service of the Ministry of …

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A Snow Dragon in the Arctic

SOURCE : Jamestown (08-02-11)
China is stepping up its activities in a warming and changing Arctic Ocean Basin. While Beijing’s interests and policy objectives there remain unclear, it is increasingly active and vocal on the international stage on issues concerning the …

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Russia urges Japan to renounce far-fetched emphasis on « island theme »

SOURCE : Ria Novosti (05-02-11)
Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Saturday urged Japan to renounce its far-fetched emphasis on « island themes » in order to reach constructive dialogue with Russia.
Earlier Japan has expressed its regret over a recent visit by Russian Defense Minister …

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Japanese Rally for Return of Islands From Russia

SOURCE : Associated Press (07-02-11)
TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan led a large rally Monday demanding the return of several islands held by Russia since the end of World War II and calling the recent visit there by …

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Bangladesh wants to redraw sea border with India

SOURCE : the Hindustan Times (03-02-11)
Bangladesh will approach the UN seeking to delineate its maritime borders in the Bay of Bengal with India and Myanmar. Bangladesh claims over 450 nautical miles from its coastline in the Bay of Bengal. The …

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Arctic. No dispute over Lomonosov Ridge

SOURCE : the Barents Observer (02-02-11)
But Russia and Denmark might not agree about the belonging of the North Pole point, a leading Russian researcher says.
The five countries bordering the Arctic Ocean do not have conflicting positions about the continental nature …

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Arctique: Rosneft mettra 50 M € dans l’exploration du plateau continental

SOURCE : ria Novosti (31-01-11)
Le géant pétrolier russe Rosneft envisage d’investir près de 50 millions d’euros d’ici 2030 dans l’exploration scientifique du plateau continental arctique, explique un communiqué du ministère russe du Développement économique.
Dans le cadre de projets innovants en …

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