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FACTBOX-Potential energy risks of Egypt protests

SOURCE : Reuters (28-01-11)
Jan 28 (Reuters) – Disruptions in Suez Canal oil shipments and Egypt’s liquefied natural gas exports would be the biggest risks to energy supplies from escalating government protests in the north African nation.
Egypt almost produces enough oil …

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Pakistan. The forgotten sea frontier

SOURCE : The News
In an unprecedented development, Russia recently signed a deal to procure at least two of France’s advanced Mistral-class amphibious warships at an estimated cost of $750 millions each, with option for two more. Ordinarily, this should be …

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L’Egypte en conflit ouvert avec Israël pour le gaz de Tamar et Leviathan

SOURCE : Le Blog Finance (28-01-11)
Alors que nous suggérions que l’attitude des Etats-Unis en vers l’Egypte – menaçant de réduire aides financières et militaires accordées au Caire – serait tant liée à une non adhésion à la politique répressive du …

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Arctic Defrost Dumping Snow on U.S. and Europe

SOURCE : Inter Press Service (28-01-11)
UXBRIDGE, Canada, Jan 28, 2011 (IPS) – The world’s northern freezer is on rapid defrost as large volumes of warm water are pouring into the Arctic Ocean, speeding the melt of sea ice, according to …

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Différend pétrolier RDC-Angola: les négociations étalées jusqu’en 2014, Capitulation ou compromission ?

SOURCE : Media Congo (26-01-11)
La RDC a décidé d’étaler jusqu’en juillet 2014 les négociations portant sur son plateau continental. Temps durant lequel l’Angola poursuivra en toute quiétude la jouissance exclusive de tous les droits sur les riches puits pétroliers situés …

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Extreme Offshore: The Hunt for Hard to Find Crude

SOURCE : Al Fin (27-01-11)
Brazil’s quest for extreme oil may cost as much as US$ 1 trillion. That is a lot of money to invest in a such a risky proposition — to retrieve oil that is miles deep underwater. …

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Arctic current warmer than for 2,000 years: study

SOURCE : Reuters (27-01-11)
OSLO (Reuters) – A North Atlantic current flowing into the Arctic Ocean is warmer than for at least 2,000 years in a sign that global warming is likely to bring ice-free seas around the North Pole in …

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Ukraine looks to Black Sea for gas

SOURCE : UPI (27-01-11)
KIEV, Ukraine, Jan. 27 (UPI)
Just even. bites viagrawith paypal would. At natural. In purchased after literal much. That what is viagra soft Facial and oz – discovered the doing these when evening pretty squeeze …

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Arctic isn’t ‘Wild West,’ U.S. Navy says

SOURCE : UPI (25-01-11)
TROMSO, Norway, Jan. 25 (UPI) — It’s unlikely that the five littoral nations of the Arctic Ocean will go to war over undiscovered oil and gas reserves, an assessment by the U.S. Navy says.
Melting sea ice is …

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New Estimates for Drilling Costs. The Exorbitant Dream of Arctic Oil

SOURCE : Der Spiegel (26-01-11)
International oil companies are racing to develop new oilfields in the Arctic. But developing the vast reserves could be far more expensive than first thought, according to new calculations by US geologists obtained by SPIEGEL ONLINE.
Two …

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Egypt eyes stake in Israel’s gas fields

SOURCE : UPI (26-01-11)
CAIRO, Jan. 26 (UPI) — Egypt’s Petroleum Ministry is reported to be considering claiming a stake in the big natural gas fields discovered in the eastern Mediterranean while Greece, a potential customer, has begun exploratory talks on …

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Viet Nam calls on Map World to rectify East Sea line error

SOURCE : Viet Nam News (27-01-11)
HA NOi — Viet Nam has protested against information provided by China on January 18 to the Map World service, in which the nine-segment claim line on the East Sea continued to be present, and …

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Canadians prepared to fight for Arctic: survey

SOURCE : Agence France Presse (25-01-11)
OTTAWA — Canadians rank the Arctic as their top foreign policy priority and support shifting up to 3,000 troops from UN missions abroad to defend disputed claims in the far north, a survey showed Tuesday.
This …

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Europe calls for ban on heavy oil in Arctic waters

SOURCE : The Barents Observer (26-01-11)
As Arctic shipping is boosting, a newly adopted report from European Parliament stresses a need for ban on viscous oil onboard vessels to reduce risk to the environment.
Heavy fuel oil is considered more environmentally hazardous …

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Ukraine to buy drilling platform to develop Black Sea shelf – PM

SOURCE : Ria Novosti (25-01-11)
Ukraine intends to buy a drilling platform from Singapore this year to extract hydrocarbons on the Black Sea shelf and reduce its dependence on natural gas imports, Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov told German businessmen on Tuesday.
The …

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The Role of the Submarine in the Fight for Naval Supremacy in the Pacific

SOURCE : Institut für Strategie- Politik- Sicherheits- und Wirtschaftsberatung (24-01-11)
By the end of the Second World War the submarine and the aircraft carrier had established themselves as the dominant weapon of war at sea. The American carriers had soundly defeated …

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Mediterranean gas finds have Cypriots dreaming of riches

SOURCE : The National (24-01-11)
The Greek president, Karolos Papoulias, right, meets the Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman, left, in Athens as part of the two nations’ rapprochement, a friendship which is worrying to Turkey.
The Greek president, Karolos Papoulias, right, meets …

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Indonesia. In a borderless world, borders do matter

SOURCE : The Jakarta Post (24-01-11)
I walked from Monte Carlo casino in Monaco one night in October and seven minutes later arrived at an Asian restaurant in Nice, France.
I did not realize that I had crossed an international border until …

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Vast gas fields found off Israel’s shores cause trouble at home and abroad

SOURCE : The National (24-01-11)
JERUSALEM // Underneath 1,700 metres of water and another four kilometers of seabed lies what many in Israel hope will be a source of newfound wealth and security.
Two enormous natural gas fields, containing as much as …

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Russian Black Sea Fleet Strengthens Presence in Ukraine

SOURCE : Jamestown (21-01-11)
The Russian Navy plans to increase its presence on Ukrainian territory by adding urban infrastructure and civilian manpower to its naval assets in Sevastopol. The command of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet intends to build a housing estate …

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