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Brazil and Argentina ratify “strategic relation” and commit greater integration

SOURCE : Mercopress (01-02-11)
In her first overseas visit as Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff ratified Monday in Buenos Aires the “special strategic” relation with Argentina while her counterpart Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, CFK, called for an “increased productive integration” between the …

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Neither Socialismo Nor Muerte – Cuba Moves Beyond Defunct Adage

SOURCE : ISN Insights (01-02-11)
« We either make corrections or our time skirting the precipice will run out, and we will sink ourselves and the efforts of entire generations . » Raul Castro, Meeting of the Cuban National Assembly, December 2010.
In September …

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Les pétroliers étrangers d’accord pour augmenter leur production au Venezuela

SOURCE : Agence France Presse (28-01-11)
CARACAS – Les compagnies pétrolières étrangères associées à l’entreprise publique vénézuélienne PDVSA dans l’exploitation de brut ont fait jeudi des propositions pour augmenter leur production, après s’être fait tirer les oreilles par le gouvernement.
Ces compagnies …

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Brésil et Argentine veulent construire un réacteur nucléaire de recherches

SOURCE : Agence France Presse (28-01-11)
Le Brésil et l’Argentine souhaitent construire en commun un réacteur nucléaire
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Brazil’s Petrobras Announces Deep-Water Oil Find

SOURCE : EFE (26-01-11)
SAO PAULO – Brazilian state-controlled energy company Petrobras said it struck oil at a pre-salt block located in “ultra-deep” waters of the Santos Basin, located off the country’s southeastern coast.
The find was made after drilling the Carioca …

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Venezuela, Colombia to Boost Anti-Drug Cooperation

SOURCE : Associated Press (26-01-11)
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuela’s top security official and Colombia’s defense minister signed an accord Wednesday to strengthen cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking along the extensive border separating the South American neighbors.
Venezuelan Justice Minister …

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Cuba produces 4 million tons of oil in 2010: official

SOURCE : Xinhua (25-01-11)
HAVANA, Jan. 25, 2011 (Xinhua News Agency) — Cuba produced about 4 million tons of oil in 2010, similar to the year 2009, raking in 1.4 billion U.S. dollars in revenues, an industry official said on Tuesday.
Rafael …

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ECUADOR. Seven Foreign Oil Companies to Pull Out

SOURCE : Inter Press Service (25-01-11)
QUITO, Jan 25, 2011 (IPS) – Seven of the 16 foreign oil companies operating in Ecuador have decided to pull out of the country in disagreement with a reformed oil law that turned the firms …

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An Analysis of the Long-Standing Dispute between Costa Rica and Nicaragua over the San Juan River

SOURCE : Council on Hemispheric Affairs (24-01-11)
As mounting tensions continue to smolder on the Korean Peninsula, another border dispute has been heating up in Central America, pitting Nicaragua against Costa Rica. Though it lacks the geopolitical gravitas and explosive nature …

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Florida lawmaker seeks to block Cuba oil drilling

SOURCE : Reuters (24-01-11)
MIAMI Jan 24 (Reuters) – A Florida Republican congressman has sent a proposed bill to Congress seeking to block Cuba’s plans to start its first full-scale offshore oil exploration with a deepwater rig located off the Florida …

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Amazon May Hold `Super Giant’ Oil Fields

SOURCE : Bloomberg (24-01-11)
Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) — Marcio Mello, chief executive officer of HRT Participacoes em Petroleo SA, talks about the company’s operations in the Amazon. Mello said the Brazilian oil-exploration company, which raised about $1.5 billion in an initial …

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WikiLeaks Documents Discuss Generalized Corruption in Cuba

SOURCE : Latin American Herald Tribune (24-01-11)
MADRID – Corruption in Cuba has become a generalized phenomenon that reaches into the top leadership of the Communist Party as well as into the ranks of professionals without any political affiliation, cables from …

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Easter Islanders Seek U.N. Intervention in Dispute with Chile

SOURCE : Inter Press Service (21-01-11)
UNITED NATIONS, Jan 21, 2011 (IPS) – « We are a peaceful people. We don’t like war. We don’t want police and military on our land, » said Erity Teave, an indigenous activist from the Chilean-administered Easter …

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Venezuela Claims 297 Billion Barrels of Proven Oil Reserves

SOURCE : EFE (20-01-11)
“At the end of 2010, we had a level of 217 billion barrels of oil, and now, at the start of this year, we are in a position to certify 297 billion barrels,” Energy and Petroleum Minister …

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Israel to sell Brazil air force drones

SOURCE : Agence France Presse (20-01-11)
Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit Systems said on Wednesday it is to supply the Brazilian air force with unmanned aerial vehicles.
The Hermes 450 drones will be supplied by Elbit’s Brazilian subsidiary, Aeroeletronica Ltd.
The deal is part …

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Mexico’s Sinaloa Gang Grows Empire, Defies Crackdown

SOURCE : Reuters (19-01-11)
CULIACAN, Mexico (Reuters) – A decade after its leader escaped from prison, Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel is the most powerful organized crime gang in the Americas despite a multi-billion dollar U.S.-Mexico crackdown.
Joaquin « Shorty » Guzman, 53, is arguably …

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Chile and Peru Embrace Integration

SOURCE : EFE (19-01-11)
The leaders agreed that their countries will respect the ruling of the International Court of Justice at The Hague over maritime boundaries, stated that the lawsuit must not obstruct the rest of the common agenda and emphasized …

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Outgunned Guatemala Army Extends Battle With Drug Gangs

SOURCE : Reuters (18-01-11)
COBAN, Guatemala (Reuters) – Guatemala extended military operations on Tuesday to sweep out Mexican drug cartels from a lawless northern state where well-armed traffickers often outgun government troops.
Hundreds of troops poured into the remote state of Alta …

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Cuba Calls Easing of US Restrictions « Limited » Move

SOURCE : Inter Press Service (17-01-11)
HAVANA, Jan 17, 2011 (IPS) – The Cuban government welcomed the latest U.S. measures to ease restrictions on travel and remittances to this country, but said they had a « limited reach. »
Meanwhile, academics who spoke to …

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MIDEAST. Latin America Deepens Israeli Isolation

SOURCE : Inter Press Service (16-01-11)
JERUSALEM, Jan 16, 2011 (IPS) – Guyana became Thursday the seventh Latin American state to recognise an independent Palestinian state. Although the official recognitions are largely nominal, they have irked the State of Israel as …

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