Terres rares

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    China to cut 90 rare earth firms into 20 (09-09-10)
    9 septembre 2010,

    Global Times — The Chinese Central Government will commit to step up efforts in restructuring the rare earth industry, releasing favorable policies as well as encouraging mergers and [...]

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    Opinion. When Rare Earths Get Rarer (03-09-10)
    3 septembre 2010,

    The New York Times — In the race for green tech, the leading position of Europe and the United States is coming under new pressure. During the summer break, China’s [...]

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    The Rare Earth Element Crisis (28-08-10)
    28 août 2010,

    InformationWeek — A Congressional Research Service report considers whether U.S. dependency on foreign sources of rare earth elements threatens the defense and technology industries. By Thomas Claburn There [...]

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    Rare earth fears become reality (15-07-10)
    15 juillet 2010,

    Industrial Mineral — 15 July 2010 China’s decision to cut annual rare earth exports by 40% will likely lead to supply shortages and surging prices for the rest of the [...]

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    India considers banning rare earth exports (13-07-10)
    13 juillet 2010,

    The Financial post – Jameson Berkow The Indian government may stop all mining companies operating inside India from selling iron ore abroad. “It will be good to completely ban iron ore [...]

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    China to reduce rare earth export quota by 72% (12-07-10)
    12 juillet 2010,

    China Knowledge — China, the world’s largest rare-earth producer, will cut export quotas by 72% Difference blonde Rubis essential little my naturally http://www.geneticfairness.org/ still smell to are not. in [...]

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    An Updated Look at Lithium Production
    19 mars 2010,

    The Oil Drum — Just over a year ago, and spurred by an article in Time, I wrote a post on the possible global supply of lithium, which is [...]