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Greenland: Final Frontier for Rare Earth Elements, Uranium, And Much More

SOURCE : Seeking Alpha (18-02-11)
Greenland may have been barren and cold in the 1800s, when this shanty became popular. But it wasn’t always so and, in the natural rhythms of Mother Earth’s warming and cooling, may not be so cold …

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India to resume rare earth exports after seven years

SOURCE : The Hindu (18-02-11)
For the first time in seven years, India will begin the export of rare earth minerals, said government sources here on Thursday.
India is set to export about 6,000 tonnes of rare earth chloride to a Japanese …

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Sudan eyes new oil export links, may anger north

SOURCE : Reuter (16-02-11)
JUBA, Sudan, Feb 16 (Reuters) – South Sudan will consider building new pipelines if it finds fresh oil reserves after independence, an official said, a move that could anger Khartoum if the route avoids the north through …

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Russian coast guard denies shooting at Japanese fishing boat near Kuril Islands

SOURCE : Ria Novosti (16-02-11)
The Russian Coast Guard denied Japanese media reports on Wednesday that it had opened fire on a Japanese fishing vessel off the disputed South Kuril islands.
Kyodo news agency reported on Tuesday that Russian coast guards opened …

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China further tightens rare earth monopoly

SOURCE : Commodity Online (17-02-11)
BEIJING (Commodity Online) : Rare earths monopoly, China is considering more efforts to tighten its hold by controlling producers and restrict output.
According to a Chinese cabinet statement, the government plans to tighten control over rare earths …

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Noble Energy to speed drilling for gas off Cyprus

SOURCE : Reuters (16-02-11)
NICOSIA, Feb 16 (Reuters) – U.S. energy company Noble Energy Inc (NBL.N: Quote) will expedite plans to drill for natural gas off Cyprus, where it believes there is a sizeable quantity, an executive said on Wednesday.
Noble has …

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Report: Obama Has Authority to Ease Cuba Embargo

SOURCE : EFE (15-02-11)
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama has “significant authority” to expand U.S.-Cuba links without approval from Congress, according to a report released Tuesday.
The analysis was prepared by attorney Stephen Propst at the request of the Washington-based Cuba Study …

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Ukraine denies rumors of concessions on sea borders with Russia

SOURCE : Ria Novosti (15-02-11)
The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry denied on Tuesday rumors that Ukraine was ready to make concessions to Russia on maritime border delimitation.
The Ukrainian-Russian border in the Kerch Strait, which links the Sea of Azov to the Black …

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Congo Wants Oil, Gas Pipelines From Eastern Border to Atlantic

SOURCE : Bloomberg (16-02-11)
Democratic Republic of Congo wants to build a pipeline network to transport oil and natural gas from the east of the country to the Atlantic Ocean, Oil Minister Celestin Mbuyu said.
The Central African country is aiming to …

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Kuril. Can we achieve stability without going to war?

SOURCE : Ria Novosti (15-02-11)
The newly reopened issue of the Russian-Japanese territorial dispute over the Kuril Islands stems primarily from the two countries’ current domestic problems; but if we look at it through the prism of global processes triggered two …

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Brazil ratifies no-support policy for UK military or government vessels linked to Malvinas

SOURCE : Mercopress (15-02-11)
Defence minister Arturo Puricelli said Monday that Argentina “has no conflict hypothesis with countries from the region” and thanked the “strong support” from his visiting Brazilian peer Nelson Jobim regarding Argentine sovereignty over the Falklands/Malvinas Islands.
“We have …

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Rail alternative to the Panama Canal proposed by China to Colombia

SOURCE : Mercopress (14-02-11)
A rail alternative to the Panama Canal built by China is being considered by Colombia in a move that would boost trade between Asia and South America. The 220 kilometers ‘dry canal’ would link Colombia’s Atlantic and …

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Brazil consolidates defence and military links with Argentina and Uruguay

SOURCE : Mercopress (14-02-11)
Brazilian Defence minister Nelson Jobim begins this week a tour of neighbouring Mercosur partners where he is scheduled to sign a statement underlining the strategic relation with Argentina, and further on Uruguay’s interest in military cooperation and …

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Several thousand Japanese seek moving to disputed Kuril Islands

SOURCE : Ria Novosti (12-02-11)
Some 7,500 Japanese nationals want to move to the Kuril Islands, disputed between Japan and Russia, Japan’s Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara has said.
« Speaking about the four northern islands, historically Russians have never lived there, they were …

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Rare-Earth Shortage? Afghans Think They Can Help

SOURCE : Associated Press (14-02-11)
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — As the world faces a shortage of the rare-earth minerals essential to everything from cell phones to hybrid cars, Afghans are dreaming of coming to the rescue with the vast deposits thought …

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Brazil Set to Become a Top Oil Producer

SOURCE : Seeking Alpha (11-02-11)
By Tony D’Altorio
Brazil has a sunken treasure off its shores… though not the type Jack Sparrow might seek.
Instead, it is stashed beneath miles of water, rock and layers of salt beneath the ocean’s floor. And these …

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Tullow Oil Makes New Discovery off Ghana

SOURCE : Stockopedia (11-02-11)
Tullow Oil (LON:TLW) , the FTSE 100 oil and gas giant has made a new hydrocarbon discovery with the first well on its 2011 multi-well exploration campaign in the West Cape Three Points licence, offshore Ghana. The …

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Chile and Uruguay on the path to nuclear energy, confirms AIEA

SOURCE : Mercopress (11-02-11)
Chile and Uruguay and another fifteen countries have officially presented plans to the International Atomic Energy Agency for the construction of nuclear plants, revealed AIEA following a four-day meeting on the issue in Vienna.
A hundred delegates from …

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More oil and ore along Northern Sea Route

SOURCE : The Barents Observer (11-02-11)
At least 150,000 tons of oil, 400,000 tons of gas condensate and 600,000 tons of iron ore are planned shipped along the Northern Sea Route in 2011.
The several successful shipping operations in 2010 are now …

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U.S. Has Capacity to Boost Oil Production 40%, Hofmeister Says

SOURCE : Bloomberg (10-02-11)
The U.S. has the ability to increase oil production more than 40 percent, to 10 million barrels a day, within a decade to reduce dependence on foreign sources, a former Shell Oil Co. president told Congress.
Developing resources …

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