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Russia urges Japan to renounce far-fetched emphasis on « island theme »

SOURCE : Ria Novosti (05-02-11)
Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Saturday urged Japan to renounce its far-fetched emphasis on « island themes » in order to reach constructive dialogue with Russia.
Earlier Japan has expressed its regret over a recent visit by Russian Defense Minister …

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Japanese Rally for Return of Islands From Russia

SOURCE : Associated Press (07-02-11)
TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan led a large rally Monday demanding the return of several islands held by Russia since the end of World War II and calling the recent visit there by …

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Offshore Oil and Gas: Will Brazil’s Success Be Replicated by Namibia?

SOURCE : Seeking Alpha (01-02-11)
The South Atlantic Margin may be on the verge of becoming a major new source of offshore oil (and perhaps natural gas) reserves and oil exports. The continuing success of Brazil, the recent discoveries in the …

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Russian Gas Sector Moves Towards Recovery

SOURCE : Jamestown (27-01-11)
Russia’s natural gas sector has increased its domestic production and exports, apparently recovering in the aftermath of the recent economic downturn. However, the industry remains dependent on exports amid growing costs. Moscow’s official statistics appeared to indicate …

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Mistral to Northern fleet

SOURCE : The Barents Observer (12-01-11)
The Russian navy says they will base one of the French Mistral class helicopter carriers at the Northern fleet’s main base Severomorsk on the Kola Peninsula.
Russia and France agreed last year to jointly build two …

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FACTBOX-What are rare earth elements? (09-09-10)

TORONTO, Sept 9 (Reuters) – Rare earth elements are used in a wide range of consumer products, from iPhones to electric car motors.
Demand is growing, fueled by green technology. At the same time, supplies are getting tight. …

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An Updated Look at Lithium Production

The Oil Drum — Just over a year ago, and spurred by an article in Time, I wrote a post on the possible global supply of lithium, which is used in renewable batteries, and a major choice for …

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The next resource conflict to be about rare earths

BERLIN, GERMANY (Commodity Online): The next resource conflict could be about minerals and rare earth elements needed to fuel the green economy, as China, which supplies most of the minerals, is considering limiting exports.
There is …

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